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Tuesday, June 13, 2017
First Wednesday of every Month Dinner at the Lodge
Mark your calendar to join us on the first Wednesday of each month for Pork Chop dinner and be sure to check out our downloadable calendar under the "DOCUMENTS" tab on this site for other lunch features, dinner specials, entertainment, and last minute additions!
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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I would like to thank the members that have stepped up to support our lodge as we are in the process of trying to raise money for a new stove/oven. A big and special thanks goes out to our Golden Moose group! The new stove/oven would have a larger grill area which will help our kitchen to increase efficiency and decrease turn around time on food orders, have doors that seal to allow regulated temps, and remain closed without bungie cords!
For those of you who do not think it is your responsibility to to contribute to this cause, let me just ask you to ask yourself this question...." If everybody felt like you, what kind of Lodge would we have?"
Please don't forget to treat our Friday evening servers generously as well-these ladies are ONLY compensated for their service to the lodge IF YOU COMPENSATE THEM!
Please remember as a member to bus your own tables. This helps our staff and volunteers!

P.S. If you are taking the time to visit this web site please let me know and I would like your feed back.

Administrator- Ed Smith

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